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Picosure/Picosure Pro Laser & Others

If you are looking to get the best result for your skin well here it is with PicoSure Laser!
Limited Down-Time, any redness or swelling is gone the next day. Safe, Medical-grade USA FDA approved device created by Cynosure USA World’s Leader in Premium Laser Technology.

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Picosure/ Picosure Pro Laser

PicoSure Laser is the FASTEST, SAFEST, and MOST ADVANCED laser machine to treat wrinkles, pigmentation (such as freckles, brown spots, etc.), birthmarks, stretchmarks, acne scars, and melasma. It even tightens skin, decreases pore size, and eliminates tattoos.

Now Blink Beauty has the latest generation which is Picosure Pro, The newer, faster, stronger, and considered as Worldwide Gold Standard for pigment removal and skin rejuvenation. FDA-approved picosecond laser treatment for conditions like melasma, Hori’s Macules, and Nevus of Ota.

PicoSure and Picosure Pro stimulate your skin to heal naturally, producing new collagen and elastin almost immediately after treatment. This will create a younger looking skin and a better skin quality

The treatment only takes 30-60 minutes and it’s is safe, pain-free, and with no downtime
Results are instant and improve with multiple sessions.
Your skin will continue rejuvenating for months after the procedure, and you may continue to see improvements over the months.

Key Benefits

  • Clearer skin
  • Fast & Convenient treatment
  • Long-lasting skin improvement
  • No surgical method
  • Minimal downtime, maximal results

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