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Blink Beauty’s Must-Have Beauty Treatments for Brides-to-be

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With a strong vision to help women and men love the age, they’re in, while at the same time educating them to provide better care for their skin, Blink Beauty strives to be the leading slimming and beauty clinic in South East Asia. Blink Beauty specializes on non-invasive solutions for slimming, contouring, anti-aging, skin tightening, and other beauty concerns, done by experts using only the best-quality products.

Being the only clinic in Indonesia that offers the most comprehensive and safe treatment for non-invasive permanent fat reduction, Blink Beauty takes pride in their US FDA approved devices. On a further note, they use the machine for themselves, their family, and friends. Thus, it comes to no surprise that they buy only the best machines which are prestigious international award-winners. All of their services are at the top of the list as they’re featured by beauty magazines, news channels, and liked among Hollywood celebs.

That’s not all; their medical practitioners also have advanced expertise in the field and have attended international trainings, conferences, and forums all over the world. If you still have doubts on which treatment is best for you, worry not as their free consultations will help you choose the right one, entirely suited to your needs and skin condition.

Below are the top 3 treatments as recommended by Blink Beauty, suitable for couples before walking down the aisle:

1. Non-invasive permanent fat reduction
Get your ideal wedding day figure with Coolsculpting and Sculpsure method that uses freezing and laser technology to permanently reduce stubborn fat by 20-25% in just one session.

2. Instant slimming and body contouring
Do you want that wedding-ready body, but have limited time to work out? For instant slimming and body contouring, try the Instant Slimming Combo, which includes three award-winning devices into a single treatment: VanquishMe, ExilisElite, and X-wave. VanquishMe is currently the world’s most advanced technology, known for its effectiveness in instant slimming and skin tightening.

3. Instant brightening

Pamper your skin with a series of facial packages from Blink Beauty. From skin brightening to acne reduction, rest assured that each treatment will be adjusted accordingly. Brides-to-be are ensured to feel confident after finishing the treatment and your makeup artist will thank you on the big day.

have a beauty makeover at blink beauty clinic indonesiaexperience ultimate skin pampering at blink beauty clinic indonesia


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