What is Picosure

What is Ultherapy

Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the skin on the face and neck, without surgery or downtime.

Ultherapy is effective for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating collagen production, and repairing skin cell structure until the foundational layers of muscle.

Ultherapy at a Glance

    • Ultherapy is recognized as the No. 1 Gold Standard treatment for non-surgical skin lifting and tightening without any surgery or downtime.
    • Ultherapy is effective and FDA-cleared to lift skin on the face and neck, including under the chin and eyebrows, and can also improve the appearance of links and wrinkles on the décolletage.
    • The temperature of the ultrasound energy ranges between 60-70 degrees celcius, however this is generally not felt on the superficial layers of the skin. Instead it is delivered with precision to depths between 4,5mm and 1mm under the skin.
    • Patients can expect to see natural results and gradual tightening over 3 – 6 months. After this initial period, the results of the treatment can last up to 1 year.
    • The treatment usually takes between 1–2 hours to complete.

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