What is Picosure

What is PicoSure

PicoSure Laser, is the FASTEST, SAFEST and MOST advanced laser machine to treat Wrinkles, Pigmentation (freckles, brown spots, etc.), Birth Marks, Stretch Marks, Acne Scars, MELASMA.

It even tightens skin, decreases pore size and eliminates tattoo!

Picosure at a Glance

    • Limited Down-Time, any redness or swelling is gone the next day. Safe, Medical-grade USA FDA-approved device created by Cynosure USA World’s Leader in Premium Laser Technology.
    • PicoSure offers faster and better results than other Lasers – An alternative Non-invasive Solution to Invasive Surgery so you reach your body goal while continuing your daily routine.
    • PicoSure is recommended for any female or male who wants the fastest, best results using the most advanced laser to treat
      • Wrinkles & Ageing
      • Pigmentation (freckles, brown spots, etc.)
      • Birth Marks
      • Stretch Marks
      • Acne Scars
    • One treatment typically takes 25 mins and the results can be seen within 1-2 months and will continue to improve until 6 months, however, the best results will typically show in 2 months

Why Choose Blink Beauty for PicoSure

Certified Picosure Clinic in Indonesia
Most Experienced, No. 1 in Indonesia
Best Price
Options of other PREMIUM Treatment to support your PicoSure session
We have the latest generation of Picosure Machine which is PicoSure Pro