What is Picosure

What is Coolsculpting

Gold Standard for non-invasive permanent fat reduction. Coolsculpting is the only USA Patent Holder for permanent fat removal via Cryolipolysis (Freezing) technology, and is the only FDA approved treatment that proves 25% death in fat cells in just one treatment.

Results are permanent, as once the fat cells are killed they will never come back.

Coolsculpting at a Glance

    • Non-invasive and Comfortable treatment, so you reach your body goal while continuing your daily routine
    • Safe, USA FDA Approved, and Industry’s gold standard developed by Harvard Scientists
    • Offers Permanent Results, 25% death in fat cells in just one treatment that takes only 35mins up to 1 hour
    • Industry’s most proven treatment, with over 5 million Coolsculpting cycles performed Worldwide
    • Consecutive Award Winner and Hollywood’s favorite! To name a few: Kardashian, Molly Sims, Debra Messing, and more
    • Alternative treatment to Surgical Liposuction to reduce fat
    • Results can be seen within 1-2 months and will continue to improve until 6 months, however, best results will typically show in 3 months

Why Choose Blink Beauty for Coolsculpting

Internationally certified Doctors and Coolsculpting Specialists
The most experienced and proven result, we've done 16,000 cycles and more
Indonesia's Coolsculpting Key Opinion Leader
The only clinic with 5 machines with 5 different applicators in one area
We have various premium treatments to BOOST up your Coolsculpting results, other clinics don't have them!