Nia Ramadhani

Nia really loves and is addicted to Coolsculpting as Blink Beauty is an expert clinic with an experienced Beauty Consultant for Coolsculpting. You can see her huge transformation after her pregnancy. The treatment was really fast, safe, and effective with unbelievable results, especially on her tummy. She’s really recommended to her family and friend.

Nia Ramadhani

Treatment at Blink Beauty

Advanced Silkpeel Dermal Infusion

Nia always feeling refreshed after she pamper her self with Silkpeel Facial. She loves this treatment so much and she trusts that Blink Beauty has the best technology. Had this first in the morning so she can start the day with fresh, glowing, and camera ready skin.

Exilis Ultra 360

It’s her go-to treatment for skin tightening, many thanks to its collagen and elastin-boosting properties—AND its instant, off-the-table results. You can even see the results in the middle of the treatment!


Nia loves to travel with her family and when she returns home she’ll come straight to Blink Beauty Clinic for Picosure. It really helps to remove the pigmentation that shows up after a long time under sun exposure. She Really loves the instant results even with only one-time treatment and also it doesn’t hurt at all”

Thermage FLX

Nia dropped by the clinic for a lovely day of self pampering to experience our Thermage FLX. The face-sculpting treatment exudes instant and lasting results, perfect for addressing loose, sagging skin using radio frequency and bulk heating


This is definitely Nia’s number 1 treatment at Blink Beauty. She’s done it on her arm, her love handle, her back, her thigh, her tummy. Almost Everywhere! Proven results, the treatment really works on her!


Nia looks younger and younger every year. What’s her secret? Watch Nia had Ultherapy treatment done to really help tighten and contour her skin after spending such a long time busy from work.

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