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What is Coolsculpting

coolsculping procedure at Blink Beauty clinic


Coolsculpting treatment is a non-surgical fat-reduction procedure.  It is a procedure that doesn’t require you to go under a knife, have a shot of anesthesia, take medications, and no downtime is needed. Right after this treatment, you can go about your daily activities.

Coolsculpting is mostly done for eliminating stubborn fats in your body – from parts of your belly, legs, double chin, arms, and even your back. And by eliminating, we mean permanently removing the targeted fat cells forever from your body.

Is Coolsculpting Effective?

Yes, coolsculpting is effective. Out of millions of procedures done, the majority of them have seen positive results. This did not just sculpt their body and made them look better, it also motivated patients to live a healthier lifestyle. Ensure that you undergo a Coolsculpting procedure at a certified Coolsculpting Clinic with reliable and knowledgeable experts.

For improved results, despite the experts and the treatment itself being effective, your participation will be needed. Having a healthy lifestyle will help your body naturally eliminate the dead fat cells. Simply having a good diet and regular workout sessions can be of significant help.

Coolsculpting Reviews

You might be wondering now if Coolsculpting gets positive reviews.

Well, yes! Majority of all the millions of treated patients are happy with their results. Figures show that 65-75% of the patients reported being extremely satisfied with their results after a few months of treatment, which is a better rating compared to other non-invasive fat-reduction treatment. But that doesn’t stop there. Coolsculpting shows its final results usually in the 6th month. More patients who followed a healthy lifestyle has increased satisfaction by then. People who didn’t opt for a healthy lifestyle aren’t satisfied because of their subsequent weight gain.

In short, the effectiveness of the treatment also needs your participation and willingness to live a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, it shouldn’t be all positive reviews, right? While it’s true that the majority of the patients didn’t feel any pain at all, negative experiences among patients of Coolsculpting related to feeling some type of discomfort during the procedure.  This is caused by a large percentage of the nerve endings on the treated area being “woken up” simultaneously. This can be treated with pain relievers such as 600-800mg of Ibuprofen. In some rare cases of extreme discomfort, a stronger medication is prescribed.

Another common negative review is the swelling of the patient experiences after the treatment. But there’s really no worry for this as it goes away in due time. But if you don’t feel comfortable with it, then consulting your provider will be best.

Nevertheless, most patients report overwhelmingly positive feedback. When compared to other fat-reduction procedures, most people find that Coolsculpting is worth the risk.

How to Prepare for a Coolsculpting Treatment?


Avoid smoking or drinking any alcoholic beverages. These vices can be a barrier when it comes to the healing process. Smoking and drinking may cause you further health problems or even prevent your body from getting its desired effect. Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle is advised for faster and improved results.


Do this especially in the area where the procedure will be performed. Avoid getting cuts, bruises, and such. Watch out to everything you put on your skin. Make sure you’re getting enough sunshine and Vitamin E.


It is advisable to reduce to use of chemical-based skin care products prior to a Coolsculpting treatment. Skin products are filled with chemicals that could make your skin sensitive, or even damage it. Just like when you get your skin tanned, a sensitive skin could be damaged when coolsculpting treatment is being performed. Natural skin care is best for the meantime, but if you really need to put on that chemical-based product, just be sure to lessen the amount. You may also consider using fruit peels to lighten skin or help with acne. There are so many things in your fridge and kitchen that you can use that are much safer.


Having a good diet will supply you with nutrients that your body and skin will need during and after the treatment. When your skin and body are healthy, the coolsculpting treatment will provide with the best possible results because your body is prepared and in good condition.


Having your skin tanned could make your skin sensitive. When the skin becomes sensitive, it might get damaged during the treatment.

The device used is a vacuum like a nozzle which sucks your skin – precisely targeting the fat cells in the area. Although a protective gel is applied, this will cause some tugging and pull and eventually cause redness and numbness on your skin after the procedure. It is advisable not to have your skin tanned if you are going to take a coolsculpting treatment.


Avoid taking medicines that could affect your blood. But, of course, health is important. Before stopping the intake of your medications, make sure to consult first with your doctor. Ask your doctor if you could halt your medications. But if not, maybe he could recommend other alternative medications.

How to Maintain your Coolsculpting Treatment

You must have noticed that “healthy living” has been mentioned a number of times within this article. Why? A healthy lifestyle promotes faster and improved Coolsculpting results.

A balanced diet with the proper nutrients will keep your body healthy. This will help the body with its natural process of eliminating the frozen, dead fat cells. At the same time, a healthy diet will reduce your risk of gaining weight. Coolsculpting can’t stop new fat cells from forming, this is why you should still watch on those sweets and extra calories.

Exercise. You probably already know this. One reason for opting for a healthy lifestyle is to avoid weight gain. Regular workout sessions will help you burn extra fats, and thus improve your results!

Coolsculpting is not a magical treatment that will stop fat cells from forming. This is why your participation is also needed. Opt for a healthy lifestyle and you’ll surely see fast and improved Coolsculpting results!

Some Normal and Minor Side Effects of Coolsculpting

1. You may feel a pulling sensation

During the treatment, the doctor uses cooling panels which gives that pulling and tugging sensation. The device looks like a vacuum nozzle which sucks the area to precisely target the fat cells. Expect to feel this the whole procedure which will last about an hour or so.

2. Skin Redness

Due to the treatment and the procedures done for coolsculpting, redness of the skin may appear in the are of treatment. It is caused by the sucking of the device. But you don’t have to worry about this since it goes away easily.

3. Numbness

Coolsculpting uses freezing temperatures to kill the fat cells. This kind of temperature, as we all know, causes numbness. Just a little message on the area can help the blood flow again properly and help disperse the frozen cells.

4. Skin sensitivity within the area of treatment

Due to the treatment, your skin could be sensitive. This is due to the hours of treatment. So after the treatment, make sure to take extra care of your skin – and avoid having contact with too many chemicals and accidents.

5. Minor Swelling

The treatment only has a specific targeted area, this can range from different sizes. It only focuses and sucks on that area, leaving the fat cells frozen – which then causes the area to swell. This is normal for all patients. A member of the Coolsculpting team will massage the area to disperse the fat cells and help reduce the swelling immediately after treatment.