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Taman Puring Market Things To Do

Taman Puring Market Jakarta
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Jakarta is known for some awesome sights and tourist cultural affair

After having gone through all the tourist’s spots and after immersing yourself in Indonesian culture, you may want to take a little detour and take a trip off the beaten path.

For many locals, Taman Puring is the go-to place to buy some basic stuff and it will be an ultimate experience for tourists who want to have a full experience of the retail practices of Jakarta.

Taman Puring is a bustling little market that sells all sorts of goods, which you can buy for yourself or if you are a tourist, as gifts to your friends waiting for your return.

It used to be a place where second-hand items are being peddled much like a large garage sale or flea market. But as time goes by, it has evolved into this huge place where all sorts of products are sold on retail and at a very affordable price.


This is the main thing that you can do in Taman Puring. Before, locals go there for second-hand shoes. But it is now selling garments, jewellery, watches, and even electronics. Here, you can also buy souvenirs from your trip as several local sellers also offer wood carvings and painting in the area.

The market boasts of a wide array of brands that are being sold. Unfortunately, they could not guarantee that they are original. What can you expect from such cheap prices, right?

However, many sellers claim that the items are authentic—they are mere rejects from the factories because of minor defects that were caught by quality control.

Instead of disposing of them, they are sold at very cheap prices in places like Taman Puring.

But if you do decide to shop at Taman Puring, just keep in mind that since you are buying at cheap, the quality will not be like the authentic ones as well. Aside from Taman Puring, there’s also a shopping haven for textile called the Pasar Mayestik.

Have your electronics fixed

There are also several electronics shop around the market. They sell cell phones, cameras, and even power tools.

Some shops also offer to fix your broken electronics for a fee.

Because the place is huge, expect to spend hours browsing the place for some of the best finds. The shops are also placed too close to each other so expect it to be stuffy as there is no air conditioning.

Take photos

And if you do not find anything worth buying, you can just walk around and people watch or visit other attractions near the area.

Bring your camera with you as there will be a lot to feast your eyes on and subjects for your snaps.

Get a massage

If you get too tired from walking, you can get a good massage from the spa and massage centres near the area.

Visit the mosques

You can visit the Istiqlal Mosque, which is located just three kilometres away from Pasar Taman Puring


If you walk a few kilometers away from Pasar Taman Puring, you will find the Kite Museum of Indonesia.

The museum is placed inside a traditional Indonesian home. It is not massive but upon entering, you will be introduced to the kite tradition of the Indonesians.

You will get a guided tour, complete with a video presentation of how kite-making and kite-flying became incorporated into the Javanese traditions.

Eat your heart out

If you get too tired, you can stop by the different restaurants around the area and try some local flavours.

Some say there isn’t anything special in Taman Puring, but we beg to disagree. If you are someone who loves a little thrift shopping or someone who has a flair for the eccentric ways of travelling as opposed to the usual touristy stuff, then make sure to make a stop at Taman Puring.

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