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Taman Ayodya Things To Do

Taman Ayodya Jakarta Things to Do
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Jakarta’s metro area is filled with the usual hustle and bustle. This means crowded areas, businesses operating 24/7, and all the non-stop vehicles coming from different directions. To balance out this urban life, parks have a crucial role in helping people find a space to relax and breathe in fresh air.

Located in Barito, Melawai is the Taman Ayodya Park. Filled with trees and plants that act as the city’s lungs where nature helps in creating fresh air in the middle of the busy city. This Park is used by people for recreational activities and relaxation.

Ayodya Park is not one of those landmarks that have been present for ages in the area. This park was once a paradise or ornamental fish lovers and flower shops. It was an area crowded with buyers and sellers of ornamental fish. Visitors would come here for the sole purpose of buying ornamental fish to add to their collection.

But the time came when the sellers needed to be forcibly evicted from the area since the land is government-owned. The merchants had no choice but to leave. March 2009 was the start of the planning and building of another wonderful park. It is built on a 7,500-square-meter area and features a lake length of a 16,000-square foot.

The place has been given the name Ayodya Park. It is an open area owned by Jakarta and free for people to visit. Although it is not as large as other parks, Ayodya is still magnificent and has a range of facilities that visitors may enjoy. There are places to hang out in, sports facilities, man-made lakes, bicycle trails, and a lot more. It was also totally upgraded a few years back by the Government of Jakarta to provide a more pleasant public area to the community.

Here are some of the things you can do in Taman Ayodya:

Relieve Stress

Normally, people like doing stress-relieving activities after a busy day or week. One of the great features of this park are the clean toilets and the pathways for disabled visitors. It also includes a pond, a fountain, and a gazebo that is surrounded by lush green plants.

There’s another park that is as beautiful as the Taman Ayodya. The Langsat Park is a nice place to hold picnics or simply a stroll around its entire area.


This park will give you more reasons to stay. The trees and plants themselves offer a peaceful sanctuary for people to commune with nature and enjoy the ambience while with their loved ones. There are additional facilities like a large pond with stony footpaths and rows of stone benches built on one side of the park where people can sit and just enjoy the fresh air.

Recreational activities in Taman Ayodya

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The park has a strategic place for foodies since it is just walking distance from Jalam Mahakam, which is one of the most famous culinary scenes in town. There are many food stalls nearby the area that pop up in the afternoon until midnight. Although food sellers are prohibited from selling within the area, visitors may bring their own food and have an enjoyable picnic.

Outdoor Activities

Taman Ayodya Park is not just a place for relaxing. If you feel like releasing that stored energy and burn some extra calories, then head to the park and run across its 1,700m2 jogging track.

After a busy day, Taman Ayodya Park is one of the great places to relax, release stress, and just breathe in some fresh air.

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From Taman Ayodya to Blink Beauty Clinic

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Head south on Jl. Lamandau III toward Jalan Barito I and Turn left onto Jalan Barito I. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Jl. Melawai, continue onto Jl. Tirtayasa which turns slightly left and becomes Jl. Prof. Joko Sutono SH. Continue onto Jl. Gunawarman, Turn right onto Jl. Erlangga IV, and turn right onto Jl. Taman Gunawarman Bar. Blink Beauty will be on the left.