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Pasar Mayestik Shopping Guide

Pasar Mayestik in South Jakarta
Photo from The Jakarta Post

Jakarta is famous for its textile. This is why it’s no surprise that shops in this country have great fabrics. And, one of Jakarta’s best-known markets, which is located in Jakarta Selatan, is Pasar Mayestik. It has a central mall building filled with shops selling fabric, silk, lace, cotton, and the like. Yes, this is shopping heaven for fashion designers.

Here is a quick guide for a hassle-free and prepared shopping in one of Jakarta’s well-known market:

What to Wear

Pasar Mayestik is a place where you will experience walking for hours without realizing it because of being too occupied with shopping. Although most of the shops are air-conditioned, it is still advisable to wear comfortable clothes. Keep it casual as much as possible, especially when you stroll down the market area and the main building’s basement floor.

What to Shop for

Pasar Mayestik is famously known for selling quality and unique textiles. Located here is also one of the oldest shops, La’Mode, which has become a favourite of famous Indonesian designers because of the various local and imported fabrics.

The market isn’t just exclusive for textiles as there are other shops selling interesting things, too. As you stroll some more, you will find stores selling cosmetics from various brands, books, Muslim clothes, shoes, handicrafts, equipment, and household necessities. Pasar Mayestik’s basement is teeming with vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and other staple food.

What to Eat

Pasar Mayestik has a wide variety of food choices. Outside the main building are several street vendors who have their mobile food stalls parked. People will flock around these stalls to enjoy the food. A recommended food you should try is Kue cubit, which are small pancakes combined with different flavours.

The main building is also known as one of the culinary spots that offer famous local dishes. Unlike the street food stalls outside, which will require you to eat while standing, this culinary spot has tables and chairs available.

Things to Remember:

  • Do not stay in the market too late. Pasar Mayestik closes at 6 pm, but most sellers close their outlets earlier than that
  • Sure, it is your first time here and you would love to take some IG-worthy pictures, but some stores do not allow to take photos. Make sure to ask the store owner whenever you want to take some shots of the products or the store itself.
  • The market is open to the public and it is usually crowded. Always be aware of your belongings and don’t wear flashy jewellery
  • Watch where you walk as the sidewalks may not be wide enough if you decide to walk in front of the shops
  • When you’re with little kids, make sure to be extra cautious and always keep an eye on them For extra crowded days, it may be best not to bring your kids with you. Instead of walking pass crowded alleys with your kid, you can bring your child in one of the nearby parks, like the Taman Ayodya, where he can freely run around and play.

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From Pasar Mayestik to Blink Beauty Clinic

Head east on Jl. Kyai Maja toward Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan Kby. Continue onto Jl. Trunojoyo. Continue onto Jl. Wolter Monginsidi. At KFCJl. Wolter Monginsidi turns left and becomes Jl. Gunawarman. Turn right onto Jl. Erlangga IV. Turn right onto Jl. Taman Gunawarman Bar.