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Langsat Park Things To Do

Things to Do in Langsat Park in Kebayoran Baro Selatan Jakrta
Photo from Just Run Lah!

A park that used to look scary — with a number of mud puddles, trees, bushes, and grass that are overgrown and not maintained — has undergone quite the facelift. Langsat Park or Taman Langsat is located in Jl. Langsat, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta (Jakarta Selatan). It is part of one of the business districts in South Jakarta but has remained unfamiliar to many. Once a park that wasn’t being paid attention to is now gaining popularity as a park being known for sports activities.

Aside from being a great place for activities and time with nature, Langsat Park is equipped with facilities for the convenience of its visitors. There are available toilet facilities, children’s play area, an auditorium, and a parking lot area.

Langsat Park is a 3.5-acre park that is filled with green exotic trees and plants that gives more way to the beauty of nature. With so many trees, it makes the park shady and cool even in the afternoon. It is now more lively with the functioning reflexology rock path, jogging track, park benches, new ponds and open plaza for people to get together and just enjoy nature. Taman Langsat is a great place if you’re planning some outdoor activities with your family and friends.

Outdoor Activities

Mom and kid jogging at Langsat Park
Photo from Jakarta Post

Just imagine running around the park with the stunning view of breathtaking greenery. The park has its own 1 km long circular jogging track since it had its facelift. It makes a good place for running or jogging. This is also a great place for health and fitness buffs to release their sweat and to puff in fresher air. 

Visitors, especially children, can also play a game of catch or just run over the green landscape. But, if the weather isn’t favourable for children, you can bring them to Kidzania Jakarta for them to engage in pretend play and develop their social skills.

Overall, it’s a place for everyone who wants to get in touch with nature after becoming consumed by the city’s hustle and bustle.

Langsat Park is a great place to bond with your kids outdoors. However, there are unexpected days when being outside is not the best option especially when the weather doesn’t look good. But it’s always a great place to have just as much fun.


Langsat Park is a perfect location for some photographers or photography buffs. The breathtaking view of trees, bushes, and plants makes a perfect backdrop. The natural lighting, too, adds to a perfect shot.


How could one call it a park if there are no picnics, right? Langsat Park allows its visitors to do their own picnic, just keep in mind to keep the area clean from your trash. Enjoy the scenic view and fresh air while you read a book or do other activities. Being with nature while you create art inspires more creativity. 

Relax and Rejuvenate

Nature is known to have increased pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature, not only benefits your emotional well-being, but it also contributes to your physical well-being. It reduces blood pressure, muscle tensions, heart rate, and stress hormones.

Give yourself a well-deserved rest day with nature. Also, while you are at it, you might want to add your rejuvenating sesh and do some more relaxation and pampering. Langsat Park is located in the business district and is surrounded by spas and beauty salons. Get a soothing massage, have your fingernails and toenails done, get a new hairstyle, or go with the pampering by having a skin care treatment or that slimming procedure you wanted for so long.

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From Langsat Park to Blink Beauty Clinic

If you’re planning to give them a visit, here’s a driving direction you can follow:

Head south on Jl. Langsat I, then turn left onto Jl. Gandaria Tengah III. Continue on Jl. Melawai. Take Jl. Tirtayasa to Jl. Gunawarman in 2, and continue onto Jl. Gunawarman. Turn right onto Jl. Erlangga IV followed by another right turn onto Jl. Taman Gunawarman Bar. Blink Beauty Clinic will be on the left.