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Kidzania Jakarta Things To Do

Thing to in Kidzania Jakarta
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Indoor City Playground Where Kids Learn and Play at Being Adults

Learning and fun can be rolled into one. Kids can grasp more knowledge and hone their skills better when they learn and have fun at the same time. KidZania Jakarta is located at Pacific Place Mall in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. It is a great learning concept playground for children ages two to 16 years old. It offers a mix of children’s entertainment and education.

This “mini-city” for children is filled with replica buildings highway, supermarkets, hospitals, salons, factories, theaters, and more. These mini establishments allow a pretend play. Watch how your kid turns out to be a doctor, a banker, or any profession he or she could fit in a kiddie uniform.

KidZania Jakarta provides a fun learning experience for its visitors, especially the children. Prepare your child to explore their creativity and imagination in a more realistic way.

Kids learn teamwork at KidZania Jakarta
Image Courtesy of KidZania Jakarta’s Official Twitter Page

Role Play for Kid’s Learning

One of the effective ways to promote learning is through role-playing. Children should get involved in this kind of learning to help them absorb experiences and understand the world more. KidZania Jakarta offers this opportunity to children. The activities available will allow children to have an adult-like experience or roles of being a police officer, baker, fireman, news reporter, and more! While grown-ups can explore their way to Taman Puring and other shopping destinations, these children have pretend play like what adults do. 

It can be an exciting place for kids of all age, but take note that only children from ages two to 16 years old are allowed to play inside. Children are strictly supervised by the experienced and friendly staff. Simply put, there’s nothing to worry about because the staff is seen everywhere. Parents can wait outside, watch their children, or simply relax at the lounge area.

What kids may learn from this experience?

These learning experiences provide an opportunity for children to intensify their physical, cognitive, social, and communication skills. Most of the activities will teach teamwork among children since they need to cooperate with other kids, discuss roles and responsibilities, and respect the decisions of their playmates. As they go through pretending and acting out their chosen roles, they develop their gross and fine motor skills, too. KidZania Jakarta also offers a lot of activities that will make children observe, discover, and use their problem-solving skills.

Children learn from different styles of teaching: interpersonal, visual-spatial, gestures, musical, logical-mathematical and more. KidZania Jakarta has all of these in mind of providing a stimulating and challenging environment that can maximize the ability of children using all the learning styles.

What’s there for parents?

Adults are just like big kids. You’ll surely have fun watching your children roam around the little city of KidZania. But not just that! They can try on new or different things, get paid with Kidzo’s, lining up the bank, and indulge in any other adult-like activities. KidZania Jakarta is a totally safe and secured area for children.

You should leave your worries behind because kids are manned by experienced staff. Why not enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, or just enjoy a few quiet moments?

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