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How much does Coolsculpting Cost

price of coolsculpting session

Ever wanted a natural procedure to eliminate fat without those sonic waves and lasers? Fortunately, there is Coolsculpting. It doesn’t burn, shatter, or extract any cells. It simply helps in the elimination of stubborn fats in certain areas, allowing the natural elimination process of the body to get rid of fat cells PERMANENTLY. No knives. No hoses. No medications. No scars. No downtime.

Now, a natural process like this with amazing benefits might surely be more expensive compared to other procedures, right? Well, not really!

What is Coolsculpting?

First, let us explain what Coolsculpting is. Coolsculpting is an FDA cleared, non-surgical procedure that eliminates stubborn fats which seem so hard to get rid of. It uses a method of controlled cooling. This freezes fat cells just underneath the skin, leading to its death. The frozen, dead fat cells are now flushed away through the liver by the body’s natural elimination process.

Results can be seen as early as 2 weeks, but drastic results are seen by the 2nd month after treatment. But the process doesn’t finish there. The body continues to naturally eliminate the fat cells up to 6 months. This will lead you to a much more sculpted version of yourself, but this will happen if you live a healthy lifestyle for faster and better results.

What’s the Price of Coolsculpting Session?

The amount may seem hefty at first, but this surely beats going under a knife, staying in more days in a hospital for recovery, or even wasting money on pills that aren’t really that effective. For an accurate estimate, it’s best to have yourself consulted in person. The price varies from person to person because we all have different bodies and body goals.

The price depends on the area you want to be treated, your body type, your goals, and the number of sessions you are required to take.

Usually, the price of Coolsculpting ranges from $600 – $1200 per hour of treatment. This depends on the factors which will be discussed further below.

Besides being much cheaper than other procedures, it doesn’t require any recovery time, it is very low-risk, and can totally help you get rid of fats instantly. Since this procedure is also done with technology, then you are rest assured this will work and can be trusted. Technologies nowadays are already far more way advanced. Paying for a medical service such as this is better, rather than spending on false marketing promises.

What determines a Coolsculpting cost?

To get an accurate quote, it is best to have yourself consulted in person. The price of Coolsculpting really varies from person to person. We have different bodies and different expectations. There are important factors the clinic considers before giving out a clear estimate:

  • Applicators

There are different applicators used for different areas of the body. Concentrated fat tissues are not distributed in the same amount in each area. The size and amount of applicator to be used on you will also depend on how pinchable your tissue is and where you carry your weight.

  • Personal goals

People have different bodies and different body goals. The price will also vary from person to person. It depends on your goal as to how much and how many treatments you are will to shell out.

  • Areas of concern

Some areas can get great results after just one treatment, while other areas may require more. This will depend on the size, weight, and volume of fat cells available in a certain area.

Why you should consider Coolsculpting for a more sculpted you

Have you been frustrated with the stubborn fats that seem to never go away no matter how much you diet and workout? And are you hesitant to go under a knife for surgeries? Then Coolsculpting just might be the answer you’ve been looking for to get rid of your unwanted fats.

This is a non-invasive technique that is designed to eliminate unwanted fat build ups in certain areas of the body. Here are some other highlights of the process and why you should consider this treatment:

  • Non-surgical and Safe

No need to go under the knife. No need for anesthesia. No need for medication that may cause allergies. No need for the extra cost of hospital stays from surgeries. No downtime needed to recover. Coolsculpting only freezes, kills, and eliminates stubborn fat cells underneath the skin, and flushes them out by the natural elimination process of the body.

Although there are reportedly some minor side effects of coolsculpting, you can still go back to your daily activities because they can eventually go away.

  • Treats Different Targeted Areas

There are common areas where people want to get rid of stubborn fats. The areas most people choose to treat with Coolsculpting are their lower abdomen, love handles, under the neck (double chin), thighs, back bra area, and chest (male).

  • Effective and Permanent

Coolsculpting will definitely get rid of 25% of fat cells in the targeted area. Patients see results as early as 3 weeks, but drastic effects are seen 2 months after the treatment. Changes continue until the 6th month. Once the body gets rid of all the frozen and dead fat cells, they do not come back as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained. Coolsculpting doesn’t stop weight gain, so this is why it’s important to have a balanced diet and regular exercise to prevent new fat cells from forming in the treated area.

  • You’ll feel and look better

Since Coolsculpting treatment makes you thinner, it will make you feel and look better in your clothes. And, when you feel good about your outer appearance, you automatically feel happier and you can carry yourself better. This leads to a more positive outlook in life, which will definitely improve your personal life.

Who is a good candidate for Coolsculpting?

As long as you can pinch an inch of fat, then you’re a candidate. If you want to get rid of extra fats from your double chin, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, back fat, bra bulge, knees, love handles, waist, or abdomen, then Coolsculpting can be for you. Be it patients who are close to the weight he or she wants to people still in the process of losing weight can be both treated. But of course, it’s still best to undergo a proper consultation to determine if you’re a perfect candidate for Coolsculpting.

What happens during the treatment?

A medical professional will review the areas to be treated and mark it.  An applicator will also be chosen depending on the needs and the targeted area of the patient. After a protective gel is applied on the skin, the excess fat will then be pinched by the Coolsculpting applicator. The device used is similar to a vacuum nozzle.

As the treatment begins, the patient will feel some tugging and pulling sensation. The area will start to feel numb due to the cold, which will continue throughout 60 minutes of treatment. After an hour of procedure, the area will be red and a bit lumped, which is famously known in the Coolsculpting industry as the “stick of butter” underneath the skin. This is because of the frozen fat cells. A member of the coolsculpting team will then massage the area to allow the fat cells to disperse and the lump to dissipate – this usually lasts about 10 minutes.

After the treatment, there is no downtime needed. You can get back to your usual, daily activities immediately. Be it from going to work, exercising, doing household chores, and the likes – it’s as if you didn’t just go under a procedure!

How much fat can I lose from Coolsculpting?

Other procedures will destroy fat cells, but as well as other non-fat tissue in the process. This is what cause long recovery time, damage to the body, and even scars. This is where Coolsculpting comes in. This treatment is non-invasive and only freezes fat cells to the point of leading them to their death.

You can expect an elimination of 20-25% of fat in the treated area. Most patients are able to see results after 3 weeks, but some reported seeing results as early as a few weeks.  For faster and better results, your participation is needed. If you’re serious about sculpting your body, then you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent gaining weight. Coolsculpting doesn’t stop formations of new fat cells.

Reshape your body with Coolsculpting!

There is no doubt that Coolsculpting is really effective. It costs cheaper than other treatments, it’s a more natural procedure to get rid of stubborn fats, it is low-risk, and it is long-term. Now, get rid of those unwanted fats permanently which doesn’t seem to respond to any diet or workout! This fast and painless procedure will eliminate 25% of fat cells in a targeted area.

Since everyone has a different body and end goal, it is best to have yourself assessed in person by a certified and professional Coolsculpting team. You will be given an accurate estimate and a brief explanation of what kind of results you can expect.