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How long does Coolsculpting last?

how long with the results of coolsculpting last

Losing weight and achieving that “dream body” has made a lot of people frustrated. From strict diet plans to extensive workouts, people find it hard to be consistent and eventually trigger them to give up on their weight loss journey. Some would even think of going under the knife. But did you know you can lose that extra stubborn fat without diet, extreme workouts, and surgery? There’s a non-surgical procedure that uses a cooling technology which helps reduce unwanted fat cells, and this is called Coolsculpting.

What does Coolsculpting do?

Coolsculpting is a treatment that uses a cooling technology, which freezes fat cells, just right below the skin, and then triggers their natural death. The frozen, dead fat cells will be eliminated through the liver within a few weeks after treatment. Some patients see results as early as 3 weeks.

So, if you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite in any parts of your body, get rid of that double chin, have slimmer love handles, this procedure is a fast and effective non-surgical way to help you. The coolsculpting treatment cost depends on the area that will be treated.

Does it really work?

There’s only one sure answer for this question, and it’s a big YES! There are research and studies showing that Coolsculpting is an effective non-surgical procedure for fat reduction. This will even be more successful with certified and experienced doctors, proper planning, healthy lifestyle, and consistent regular sessions to maximize the results.

However, despite the technology and the treatment itself is very much effective, the patient’s participation is also needed to see its maximum results. This will be explained further below.

How long does a Coolsculpting procedure take?

Usually, a treatment takes 35-60 minutes of procedure per area. The area is as big as your hand. One love handle is considered 1 area, and a lower abdomen is considered 2 areas. The duration of the treatment also depends on how many areas are to be treated. Some patients have 2 treatment done on the same day.

Some clinics have multiple Coolsculpting devices available, which makes it possible for several areas to be treated all at the same time. This saves more significant time for both client and provider.

How long do the results stay?

Coolsculpting gives long-term results and lasts indefinitely. This is because the treatment kills fat cells that never comes back and gets eliminated completely – they will never grow and expand. But if you gain some weight, it is possible to have some new formation of fats cells in the treated areas.

A research and study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showed an experiment with two male individuals who had each one of their love handles treated with Coolsculpting. After nine years, the area was checked and it was concluded that even with moderate weight fluctuation, the treated areas’ flank contour remained reduced. This makes the treatment show long-term durability and results.

However, longevity also mainly depends upon the patient maintaining a healthy lifestyle — eating healthy, staying active, having a good sleep, and reducing stress. Eating unhealthy can cause your remaining fat cells to expand and grow in size. So, it is important to remember that to maintain your slimmer appearance after Coolsculpting is through healthy living.

How long do I need to wait before I see results?

Coolsculpting does not expel fat cells immediately in one take. It freezes and kills stubborn fat cells and eliminates them through the body’s natural process. Some patients see results as early as three weeks, but this doesn’t mean the fat elimination process is done since the body continuously disposes of the dead cells until 6 months after treatment. Drastic results can usually be seen after 2 months and final results shall be seen after 6 months.

Depending on the area treated, your doctor may have to schedule yours for more than one treatment. Your patience is really needed if you want to see the best results. And, the results also depend on your body’s ability to process the dead, fat cells, as well as how you treat your body.

Tips for improving and maintaining your Coolsculpting results

1. Healthy Diet

Having a well-balanced diet is still important after anybody sculpting treatment. By now, it should be basic knowledge to avoid foods that are processed, fried, and high in sugar content. Opt for a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains. Make sure to intake the needed amount of vitamins and nutrients your body needs. This will also help you create a habit of eating healthier which will ensure your results last longer.

2. Additional Treatments

Although a lot of patients are able to get amazing results in their first treatment, some areas may still require additional treatment for maximized results.

3. Consistent Exercise

Get off the couch, get moving, and step it up! Exercise isn’t just beneficial for your physical and mental health, but it also helps you further improve and speed up your Coolsculpting results. Workouts such as cardio, strength, and resistance training will keep your body working to its fullest potential.

Importance of exercise after Coolsculpting

  • Speeds Up Fat Reduction and the Slimming Process  

Coolsculpting gets rid of the frozen, dead fat cells through the body’s natural process but this may take some time. Although, some patients get to see results as early as 2 weeks. It shows that patients who get to see results faster tend to engage in physical activities regularly. Aside from preventing your current fat cells from growing and expanding, regular exercise will also prevent new fat cells from forming.

  • Sets your mind for a diet

Having a regular exercise regime will most likely inspire you to live on a healthy diet. This then will prevent you more from gaining weight.  We all know that a healthy diet and exercise works out pretty well together.

  • Maintains long-term results

Coolsculpting is like your second chance to achieving your dream body, so don’t mess it up. Patients often feel more inspired to live healthy after their treatment. Exercising is definitely on their list. Consistent exercise will keep fat cells from forming and will definitely help in prolonging the treatment’s results. As long as patients maintain their weight, long-term results will maintain stable.

  • Tightens and tones flabby skin

A sudden weight loss can cause the skin to sag, and no one wants a saggy skin! Get on to that immediately by engaging in resistance training such as bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, and swimming. This kind of training will definitely help tighten the skin and tone your body.

Coolsculpting: Not a resolution, but an investment

Coolsculpting is not a substitute for a healthy, active lifestyle. It is not an excuse for you to not give priority to exercise. And, it is definitely not a magical machine that will eliminate your stubborn fats forever – at least not without your help! So, just think of it as a startup booster towards maintaining your sculpted body and be willing to take the needed steps to prolong the results. This procedure is definitely an investment which you need to protect through a consistent exercise regime.

Important for your overall health

Besides being important for your physical health, exercise is also beneficial to your overall health – mentally, socially, emotionally, and such. And, being healthy overall will lead you to a healthy lifestyle, which then helps the Coolsculpting process in a way.

Coolsculpting Check-Ups

Although it is not necessary for another full treatment plan, patients still come back for a periodic checkup which can be done once or twice a year. As we age, our metabolism constantly changes as well as our body. You may suddenly notice more amounts of fats in some certain areas. Having a periodical check-up can help keep your results fresh and lasting.

What to expect from Coolsculpting?

People should have a reasonable expectation when it comes to the end results of their Coolsculpting treatment. Not everyone will end up with that perfect beach body. But everyone should definitely expect to fit better in his or her clothes. The results will also stay with you for a long time since fat cells are completely eliminated from your body, but make sure to also maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent new fat cells from forming.

A lot of patients also reported being more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle after their treatment. It pushed them towards eating healthier and creating a habit of exercising regularly. Coolsculpting will definitely not just make you look better, but make you feel better. It adds to a person’s confidence, which then leads to a happier life!

Final say about Coolsculpting

Overall, Coolsculpting is an effective fat reduction treatment meant for long-term. However, know that Coolsculpting is not a weight loss treatment and cannot prevent new fat cells from forming. This is why your participation is very much needed to ensure its prolonged and improved results. Also, remember to only have this treatment from certified and experienced doctors for a safe and successful outcome.