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How does Coolsculpting work?

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Have you been searching for ways to completely and permanently get rid of stubborn fats that seem to not go away no matter how much you diet and workout? Yes, there are surgeries which require you to go under the knife, but wouldn’t it be better if there’s a non-surgical way? This is what coolsculpting is all about.

Coolsculpting uses extremely cold temperatures to kill fats. And did you know that fats hate the cold? Yes, it is proven by science and there are clinical test results. This treatment applies controlled cold and freezing temperatures to fats just right under the skin. This causes the fats to freeze, die, and get flushed through the natural elimination process of the body. When the body flushes the unwanted fats, this leaves you to a more sculpted you. However, untreated areas will have no change in fat cell distribution.

So, how that does this work? People usually wonder what happens in a Coolsculpting treatment because of its unusual method and why is it very effective in terms of fat reduction. These are what you can expect from coolsculpting session:

During the treatment

Coolsculpting is done using a simple method. After you’ve decided on what area to be treated, a device with cooling panels that looks like a nozzle of a vacuum cleaner will be placed over the area. You will feel some firm pulling and pressure – this is necessary to make sure the selected tissues will be cooled efficiently. The cooling plates from the device then suck up the heat from the fat, freezing them and leading them to their death – which is the main goal. Usually, this takes an hour or two, depending on your needs and on the areas being treated.

After Coolsculpting

After a Coolsculpting session, the treated areas’ fat cells are now frozen and dead. As time passes, your body will continue its natural eliminating process, which then makes the body absorb the dead fat cells, and flush them out of you through your liver.

Patients will notice results in the treated area as early as 3 weeks – however, the most drastic changes in your body will be seen after 2 months. The body will still continue changing as it gets rid of the dead fat cells up to 4 to 6 months after treatment.

Are there any side-effects?

As a noninvasive procedure, this doesn’t require you to go under the knife – no cuts, no anesthesia, and no medications that may cause allergies. This means the rate of complications is less compared to other invasive procedures. However, this doesn’t mean there are no side effects. Some minor side-effects a patient will see are redness, swelling, and bruising – but these are normal and usually go away within 2 weeks.

A rare side effect experienced by 0.005% of millions of Coolsculpting patients is called Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia. This causes the area to have the opposite effect, which means there’s an increase in fat cells in the treated area. This mostly occurs in men and of Hispanic or Latino descent compared to other races.

How long will the results last?

Coolsculpting is made for long-term — and we mean a really long time — but this will also require your participation in maintaining it. Since the fat cells no longer exist, it won’t be able to grow and expand anymore. Unless the patient gains more weight, it is possible that a new form of fat cells will develop in the treated area. This is why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still important.

Have a healthy balanced diet and ensure you intake your body’s needed amount of vitamins and nutrients. A regular exercise will also help you go a long way and improve the results even more. Proper sleep and less stress are also important. Make sure that your daily habits will push you through living healthy.

Allow the transformation of Coolsculpting lead you towards an active and healthy lifestyle. This will definitely give you a fresh start and make you continue a path of positive self-care!

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Coolsculpting

Can Coolsculpting cause nerve damage?

There are no known instances of permanent nerve damage from Coolsculpting. This treatment is FDA approved, meaning it is safe and effective. A normal side effect is a feeling of numbness, which lasts only a few weeks up to 6 weeks. This treatment only affects fat cells, not your skin, muscle, or nerves.

Regardless, there are a few that aren’t ideal candidates for Coolsculpting. This is why it’s important to have yourself examined first in order to be aware of your health condition.

Will I get Frostbite from this procedure?

Coolsculpting uses advanced technology and techniques. It enables a precise and controlled cooling that prevents any frostbite or skin damage from happening. What freezes and kills the targeted fat cells is the applicator that contains thousands of sensors responsible for controlling the temperature, leaving the surrounding tissues and cells unaffected.

The cases of frostbite from Coolsculpting can be blamed from a practitioner error. This is why it’s important to trust only the experienced professionals or experts. It is also advisable to refrain from DIY Coolsculpting.

Which areas are more prone to side effects?

The abdomen usually requires the biggest applicator due to its size and amount of fat cells. This causes the abdomen to have a prolonged side effect compared to other areas like the thigh, back, and love handles. But as stated earlier, Coolsculpting side effects are short-term and will go away in just a few weeks.

Is it possible to get uneven results?

Coolsculpting doesn’t give uneven results because the applicator removes heat at a constant rate. Although, some patients should expect some unevenness in the first few weeks which is only caused by the swelling. This is a normal side effect of Coolsculpting, and you should just let it heal by itself before making a final judgment. But with all these said, it is still important to trust only the experienced and certified doctors to be sure.

How is Coolsculpting different from other procedures?

This treatment uses a device with a targeted, precise, controlled cooling method. It only affects and freezes fat cells in a specific area, leaving other tissues and cells unharmed. Other procedures that use ultrasounds or radiofrequency can possibly affect other adjacent tissues that are not comparable to the Coolsculpting method.

What happens to the fat cells?

Once the fat cells are frozen due to the Coolsculpting treatment, they automatically die. The frozen, dead cells are then flushed by the body’s natural elimination process. The inflammatory cells continuously digest the affected fat cells for months after the treatment. These cells pass through the liver and are expelled out of the body. And once they are eliminated from the body, they have no chance of ever growing or expanding. How can somethings do such when it isn’t already part of your body, right?

Does Coolsculpting hurt?

Majority of the patients say it’s painless, but a few felt a little pain of pressure and sudden cold sensations during the first few minutes – this is mainly because of the placement of the applicator. But the body will adjust, and therefore, you’ll find yourself comfortable during the treatment as if you’re just watching a movie, reading a book, using your laptop, or even taking a nap. Some of the patients may also feel a little pain when the treated part is being massaged or touched. This part of the treatment will help disperse the frozen fat cells for faster and improved results.

Can I get dimples or bumps?

Coolsculpting uses a method of eliminating fats at an even and steady rate, unlike other procedures where too much fat can be removed at once. This is why Coolsculpting can’t cause dimples or bumps. But again, these being said, a trusted professional and expert of Coolsculpting should only do this procedure – since if it’s applied incorrectly, a divot can occur.

What happens if I gain weight after Coolsculpting?

Of course, the fat cells from the untreated areas will expand if you gain some weight. As for the treated areas, although fat cells are eliminated, Coolsculpting can’t stop NEW fat cells from forming. This is why it is still important to stick with a healthy lifestyle – a balanced diet, plenty of exercises, and proper stress management. Improve the results by living this lifestyle and keep your sculpted body for the longest time!

Is Coolsculpting safe?

We can confidently say that even though Coolsculpting treatments have normal side-effects, just like other procedures, it has the less chance of it. This treatment is FDA approved and has been deemed to be a safe and effective procedure. And with millions of patients and positive reviews, a lot of people are now choosing this treatment over any other procedures — also because of it being less risky.

What situations make Coolsculpting inadvisable?

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, people with cold-sensitive disorders, skin conditions, recent surgery, open wounds, hernia, and people with active implanted devices such as pacemakers must seek a doctor’s advice. It is best to have yourself checked in person before having a Coolsculpting treatment done. Any medical problems should be divulged to your doctor to maintain your health and safety.