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Coolsculpting Industry’s Gold Standard for non-invasive permanent fat reduction. Coolsculpting is the only USA Patent Holder for permanent fat removal via Cryolipolysis (Freezing) technology, and is the only FDA approved treatment that proves 25% death in fat cells in just one treatment. Results are permanent, as once the fat cells are killed they will never come back.

Only CoolSculpting can boast its most proven technology to deliver safe and predictable results, the proof is in over 5 million Coolsculpting cycles performed worldwide.

Who is this treatment recommended for?

Coolsculpting is recommended for any female or male who wants to reduce stubborn fat using a method that is:

  • Non-invasive and Comfortable treatment, so you reach your body goal while continuing your daily routine
  • Safe, USA FDA Approved, and Industry’s gold standard developed by Harvard Scientists
  • Offers Permanent Results, 25% death in fat cells in just one treatment that takes only 35mins up to 1 hour
  • Industry’s most proven treatment, with over 5 million Coolsculpting cycles performed Worldwide
  • Consecutive Award Winner and Hollywood’s favorite! To name a few: Kardashian, Molly Sims, Debra Messing and more
  • Alternative treatment to Surgical Liposuction to reduce fat


Pain threshold varies among individuals, however, common side effects are temporary swelling, redness, and soreness which can last several days or weeks.


One treatment typically takes 35mins depending on the body part


Results can be seen within 1-2 months and will continue to improve until 6 months, however, best results will typically show in 3 months


Yes, it is Safe, Non-invasive and Non-surgical treatment that is USA FDA Approved and proven by multiple clinical papers.


No, based on individuals comfort level, they can immediately return to their daily life after treatment.

No more Gym, No more Strict Diets!

We can permanently eliminate your “Stubborn Fat” which does not respond to rigorous Diet and Exercise. Experience ~25% fat reduction with just one quick and painless treatment, results are permanent! Visit Blink Beauty, Indonesia’s No.1 Coolsculpting Clinic for free assessment and consultation.

Why is Blink Beauty the No.1 Coolsculpting Clinic in Jakarta?

We have been Accredited International status as “Coolsculpting Certified Clinic” directly from Coolsculpting USA. We have ALL the Coolsculpting applicators – which means we are the Only Clinic in Indonesia who can treat all your face and body areas, our Coolsculpting Specialist team are officially certified and are the most experienced in Indonesia, and we offer Dual-Coolsculpting to maximize your comfort and shorten your treatment time!


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Certified CoolSculpting Clinic

Having passed complicated and rigorous standards, Blink Beauty has achieved highest level of international accreditation from Coolsculpting USA – and are one of the World’s Elite Coolsculpting Certified Clinics


In 2017, Blink Beauty was the only clinic in Indonesia selected to attend Coolsculpting University USA and represent Indonesia.

Certified International Coolsculpting Specialists

Our Expert team consist of official certified “International Coolsculpting Specialists” directly from Coolsculpting University USA, having passed multiple advanced examinations and trainings.

Most Experienced Coolsculpting Specialists

Our Coolsculpting team has the most Coolsculpting experience in Indonesia, having conducted the most no. of Coolsculpting cycles.

Only Clinic with All Complete & Newest Coolsculpting Applicators

We are the only clinic in Indonesia which have ALL the Coolsculpting applicators – which means we can treat all face and body areas possible, other clinics cannot offer this.


Further, we have all the newest Coolsculpting applicators which offer shorter treatment time (only 35 mins), better results and supreme comfort.

Dual – Coolsculpting

Finally, we offer 2 Coolsculpting machines! So we can do your treatments in more than half the time! Making our Coolsculpting treatments more convenient, time efficient and comfortable.