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Coolsculpting Before and After

Before and After of Coolsculpting Treatment

After some strict diet, strenuous workout sessions, and other fat-reduction treatments, you might still find yourself swinging back and forth between your “before” and “after” pictures, longing for that sculpted look. With Coolsculpting and its dramatic effect, you might have just found the best way to a more sculpted you – the easier way and without getting under a knife.

This treatment works uniquely by using freezing temperatures to get rid of fat cells. Coolsculpting is a procedure safely done with a device that precisely delivers a controlled cool temperature, just enough to freeze fat cells underneath the skin. Don’t worry this won’t give you frostbite! As the stubborn fat cells are frozen, they eventually die through the body’s natural process and are disposed through the liver. This will leave fats totally exterminated from your body – leaving a more sculpted you.

Your stubborn fats before Coolsculpting

Fat cells are able to sense cold temperature. They release their energy as heat, which then leads to burning of calories. Sometimes, no matter what diet and workout we go through, we still have excess fats that won’t seem to go away. Getting rid of stubborn fat may be hard because it will require some strict diet regimen, extensive workouts, good sleep, less stress, and such that we find hard to balance all at once. Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce those fatty areas without these traditional methods or going under the knife? Well, just so you know, it is possible with Coolsculpting.

Expected results after the treatment

Coolsculpting eliminates 25% of fat cells for each procedure – making them gone forever. This means, the more sessions you have, the more beneficial it is because the more fat cells are frozen and killed. But, usually, amazing results already show when a patient has had at least 2 treatments per area.

Although some patients would see visible results after 3 weeks, the most dramatic results can be seen within 1 – 3 months after treatment. This is enough time for fat cells to die naturally, get absorbed by the body, and get flushed through the liver.

Right After Coolsculpting Treatment

Patients would notice the treated area is looking and feeling stiff and describe it as something like a “stick of butter”, which is totally normal. This is just actually the fat that has been frozen. One of the staff will massage the treated area to help the fat cells disperse. 

A study showed that patients who had the treated area massaged right after, showed better results by 68% . This is because the massage helps the frozen, fat cells to break down faster. As for the “stick of butter”, you don’t have to worry about it because this usually goes away after 10 minutes, but expect the area to be red for approximately 20 minutes.

After an hour or two of treatment, you’re allowed to get back to your regular activities. Be it from working, doing household chores, driving, or even working out. Coolsculpting doesn’t have any downtime and won’t limit you from going back to your daily routine. You can get back to your normal life as soon as after the procedure.

After a Few Weeks

The first thing you will notice are the minor side effects like redness, swelling, numbness, bruising or itching. But these should all go away over the course of a few weeks. As for the results of Coolsculpting, you will see visible changes after a few weeks. This is why it’s important to be patient and allow your body’s natural process to absorb the frozen, dead fat cells and flush them away. To speed up the results, make sure to keep up with a healthy lifestyle daily.

After a Couple of Months

Every patient’s body and metabolism is different. After a few months, be sure to check on with your Coolsculpting doctor and ask if additional treatments are needed for that certain area. As mentioned earlier, this procedure eliminates 25% of fats, and some areas might need more fats to be eliminated in order to maximize visible results.

However, some patients are able to get their desired results after a single treatment and see drastic effects after a few months. But it is not uncommon to have a second round of Coolsculpting treatment in the same area.

What to do to maintain Coolsculpting results?

The technology and procedure of Coolsculpting are completely effective, and you’ll definitely see visible results after a few months. Some patients claim to have seen the results in as early as 2 weeks! Coolsculpting results last, but despite this, your eagerness is still needed to prolong the results and improve it. This won’t be easy for some but worth doing because you need to watch your weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Proper Diet

Just because you had some of your fat cells eliminated that doesn’t give you an excuse to indulge and eat whatever you want. Remember, coolsculpting doesn’t stop new fat cells from forming. Indulge in a  healthy, balanced diet — fruits, veggies, whole grain, protein, and little carbs are recommended. Make sure to avoid, or at least reduce, your sugar intake because this produces insulin that makes your body hold on to fat longer for future use. Simply put, it causes weight gain.

2. Regular Exercise

And by exercise, we don’t mean just hitting the treadmill. Your exercise should be the right one – a combination of cardio, strength, resistance training, and flexibility. All of these combined routines will make a full spectrum exercise plan. Not only will it just keep new fat cells from forming, but it will also improve your mental health.

3. Get Enough Sleep

After a treatment, it is best to allow yourself to have that beauty rest. This will just allow your body to rest and rejuvenate. In the long run, be sure to always get enough sleep. Proper rest will allow your body to function at its best, helping the natural elimination process of your body to get rid of the dead, fat cells from your Coolsculpting treatment.

4. Get a massage

A study showed that patients who get massages after their treatment have better results by 68%. This is why a staff of the Coolsculpting team automatically massages the treated area. Doctors also encourage patients to have massages. The pressing motion of a massage helps accelerate the breakdown of the frozen fat cells, leading to faster results. A massage also helps in the blood circulation which will then help flush the dead fat cells sooner.

5. Drink More Water

Since water is a natural cleanser of our body’s organs and system, it is best to drink plenty of this. It will help speed up the flushing of the treated cells from our body. As a Coolsculpting treatment freezes unwanted fat cells, they die and get flushed through the body’s natural process. The dead cells get eliminated through the liver – so drinking a few glasses of water daily will help speed up the elimination process.

Allow your Coolsculpting results push you more towards a healthier lifestyle. Healthy living isn’t just for your body goals, but also improves a lot of aspects in your life.

What happens if I gain weight after Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting kills fat cells and eliminates them from the body PERMANENTLY. But this doesn’t mean it is impossible for new fat cells to form in the treated area. This is why it is also strictly advised to follow a healthy lifestyle for better results. Remember, weight gain is still possible after Coolsculpting if you don’t take care of your body.

While it’s true you can’t regain the fat cells eliminated by Coolsculpting, as mentioned earlier, new fat cells forming is possible. If you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle, it is possible for the treated area to form new fat cells and trigger the treated area to increase in size.

Losing Weight Vs. Fat Reduction

People might think Coolsculpting helps in losing weight. While losing weight makes your fat cells shrink, thus, making you look smaller  – the number of fat cells remains the same. As for fat reduction, which is what Coolsculpting does, this permanently removes those fat cells out of the body and does not allow them to grow and expand anymore.

Unlike other non-surgical weight loss procedure, Coolsculpting actually reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area, making fat cells gone for good. So say bye bye to those stubborn fats, and be ready for a more sculpted you.

Coolsculpting: The better choice for a slimmer you!

Coolsculpting is quickly becoming more popular. It is known as a non-surgical way of permanently removing fat cells from certain areas of the body. Yes! Including that stubborn fat that seems to never go away no matter how much you diet and workout.

This procedure doesn’t include any needles, anesthesia, downtime, scars, and pain. Coolsculpting is an FDA approved method, that is safe and effective. Just a session or two, depending on the targeted area, you’ll be able to achieve a more sculpted you as early as a few weeks! However, the process of eliminating the frozen fat cells continue up to 6 months, so expect to see the full results by this time.